Cookies II

Girl Scouts sell cookies annually to relatives, neighbors, friends, as well as others in their town or city. In recent years, to ensure the safety of the children, there have been more & more cookie booths popping up at local establishments. These booths are there so that girls can sell cookies in public from tables, under the supervision of troop leaders, rather than from door to door.

I can understand the sentiment for safety from the viewpoint of the parents. No one would want their daughter while she is outside selling girl scout cookies to get embroiled between two unruly neighbors. I was just reading an advice column written by an Australian woman by the name who spent many years working in the Australian real estate marketplace. Even though she was writing about Australia, her advice is still pertinent here in the USA. Unfortunately there was not any advice regarding how to deal with two unruly neighbors when you are a door to door salesperson.

Many councils offer an additional service allowing people to send a box to a service man or woman overseas. Prizes and incentives are offered for girls who sell, cookies but councils often offer an option that allows the girl forgo a prize.

* A lot flavors have been created but many of them have been discontinued by the cookie manufacturers.

– Discontinued Cookies –

All Abouts: The LBB version of Thanks – A – Lot. Shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate with a message proclaiming values that Girl Scouts are “all about,” such as Respect, Friendship, etc.

Aloha Chips: Included white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.

Animal Treasures and All Abouts: Replaced by Thanks – A – Lot

Apple Cinnamons: Apple shaped sugar cookies with cinnamon sugar.

Cafe Cookies: Shortbread with a cinnamon topping.

Cartwheels: Reduced fat oatmeal and cinnamon.

Cinna – spins (LBB): Cinnamon – flavored cookies shaped like miniature cinnamon rolls that came in 100 – calorie packs. Replaced by Daisy Go Rounds.
Daisy Go Rounds (ABC): Cinnamon – flavored cookies shaped like daisies; replaced Cinna – spins for the 2009 sale; replaced with Shout Outs! in 2011.

Double Dutch: Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips.

Forget – Me – Nots: granola cookie.

Golden Yangles: Triangular cheddar crackers; sold in the 1980s.

Iced Berry Pinatas: Sugar cookies with a berry jam center and icing.

Juliettes / Golden Nut Clusters: Milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans.

Kookaburras: Layers of wafers and caramel coated in milk chocolate.

Lemon Chalet Creams: Rectangular cinnamon sandwich cookies with lemon cream filling; changed to round cookies in 2010; replaced by Savannah Smiles in 2012.

Lemon Coolers: Vanilla wafers with lemon zest, dusted with powdered sugar.

Lemon Drops: Sugar cookie with lemon-flavored chips

Lemon Pastry Creams: light pastry cookie sandwich with lemon cream filling

Olé Olés: Powdered sugar cookies with pecans and coconut; sold from 2001 to 2003.

Oxfords: Chocolate cookies with vanilla cream filling.

Pinatas: Oatmeal cookie with fruit filling and topped with cinnamon and sugar glaze; introduced in 2004.

Savannahs: A peanut butter sandwich cookie

Scot-Teas (Burry): Shortbread cookies with sprinkled sugar.

Shout Outs!: Belgian – style caramelized cookie

Snaps: Iced oatmeal raisin.

Striped Chocolate Chips: Chocolate chip cookies with fudge stripes

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips: Small sugar – free cookies; discontinued in 2011.

Sugar Free Chalet Creams: Lemon pastry cream sweetened with aspartame.

Thanks A Lots: chocolate filling between two vanilla cookies with “thank you” in different languages. Similar to an Oreo. These came before today’s Thanks A Lots replaced animal treasures.

Upside Down Frosted Oatmeal: oatmeal cookies with frosting on the bottom

Van’chos: Vanilla and chocolate creams.

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