Joining II

Girl Scouts is fun and flexible and this program is tailor-made just for you! Program costs $30.00 and financial assistance is available.

A number of you have asked about advocating a more “green” approach to girl scout activities. We agree and have already started purchasing paper goods and other janitorial supplies that are eco friendly. We were recommended by a parent of one of our members to shop at an online website called It is a janitorial supplies store that sells to both businesses and individuals. They carry a substantial line of eco friendly products that will make it easy for us to achieve our more environmentally focused goals. If you are interested in purchasing Green Seal certified products, let us know. We can make large bulk orders which will cut down the costs of the individual paper and cleaning supplies even more. We’ll keep you posted.


There are pamphlets regarding pertinent information about all our programs, as well as information from our major sponsors. Including the local produce market down the road which we volunteer at monthly, as well as information about party planners who are connected to our group and fun gift ideas for coworkers. Girl scouts provide easy gifts such as cookies, or fun events, but sometimes you may want something different which is more appropriate for a specific occasion. One of our big supporters is a e-commerce gift basket site who has offered coupons to our members. Ten percent (10%) of all orders during the time period specified on the coupon is donated to the local girl scout troops. These coupons also extend to local businesses who are interested in corporate gifts for their clients, vendors, employees and / or partners. Let me just say their gift baskets are really stunning ranging in prices that are very affordable to those that are quite extravagant.

Another sponsor has an e commerce site that sells fabulous princess costumes which are perfect for fantasy play as well as great Halloween costumes. I must admit my three girls love this website. They will spend hours looking over each lovely princess dress as well as all the accessories. The dress up shoes are marvelous with their sparkly glitter, and marabou feather decorations. They also offer satin ballet slippers and Cinderella shoes. I never realized how many different tiaras, crowns, and medieval cone hats there are. And then there are the gloves, long and short, capes and cloaks, and of course the all important wand. My girls love to dress up in their princess costumes and have tea parties with girl scout cookies! This particular sponsor offers discounts for girl scout members, as well as supporting us in other ways.

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