Membership II

Burr Oaks Community is a Madison based community serving the following schools: Lincoln, Leopold, Midvale, Thoreau, Cherokee, Wright, Eagle School and West High. For more information about Girl Scouts in these schools please contact Rita at 608-276-8500 ext. 1144 or e-mail your interest to [email protected]

Chautauqua Community serves the Verona Area School District (Verona and Fitchburg), for more information about Girl Scouts in these schools please contact Sarah at [email protected] OR call 276-8500 X 1147.

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School Community Membership Specialist
Abundant Life Christian Daisywood Emily
Black Hawk Middle Cherokee Rita
Blessed Sacrament Regent Laura
Cherokee Burr Oaks Rita
Cottage Grove Elementary Cottage Grove Emily
Crestwood Owen Woods Mary Ann
Edgewood Campus Regent Laura
Elvejhem Algonquin Sarah
Emerson ELMS Rita
Falk Orchard Ridge/Prairie Rita
Frank Allis Algonquin Sarah
Franklin Regent Laura
Glendale Algonquin Sarah
Glen Stephens Owen Woods Mary Ann
Gompers Cherokee Rita
Hamilton Middle Kinunka Sarah
Hawthorne ELMS Rita
Holy Cross Lutheran Daisywood Emily
Huegal Orchard Ridge/Prairie Rita
Immaculate Heart Rainbow Ridge Emily
Jefferson Middle Owen Woods Mary Ann
John Muir Owen Woods Mary Ann
Kennedy Daisywood Emily
Lake View Cherokee Rita
Lapham ELMS Rita
Leopold Burr Oaks Rita
Lindbergh Cherokee Rita
Lincoln Burr Oaks Rita
Lowell ELMS Rita
Marquette ELMS Rita
Maywood Rainbow Ridge Emily
Mendota Cherokee Rita
Midvale Burr Oaks Rita
Nichols Rainbow Ridge Emily
O’Keefe ELMS Rita
Orchard Ridge Orchard Ridge/Prairie Rita
Queen of Peace Kinunka Sarah
Randall Regent Laura
Sandburg ELMS Rita
Sennett Middle Algonquin Sarah
Schenk Daisywood Emily
Sherman Middle Cherokee Rita
Shorewood Kinunka Sarah
St. Dennis Daisywood Emily
St. James Regent Laura
St. Maria Goretti Orchard Ridge/Prairie Rita
Stoner Prairie Chautauqua Sarah
Thoreau Burr Oaks Rita
Toki Middle Orchard Ridge/Prairie Rita
Van Hise Kinunka Sarah
Whitehorse Middle Daisywood Emily
Wingra Regent Laura
Winnequah Rainbow Ridge Emily
Wright Middle Burr Oaks Rita

More information to follow soon.

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