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Cherokee Girl Scout Community is a Madison-based community serving area schools, including Black Hawk Middle School; East High School; Emerson Elementary; Gompers Elementary; Hawthorne Elementary; Immaculate Heart; ; Lakeview Elementary; Lindbergh Elementary; Mendota Elementary; Sandburg Elementary; and Sherman Middle School. To join the more than 300 girls involved in this community, contact Linda Malaney at 608-244-5815 or e-mail your interest to [email protected]

Daisywood: If you like fun, you’ll LOVE us! The Daisywood Community serves Kennedy, Schenk, St. Dennis, Holy Cross, and Abundant Life Elementary Schools, Whitehorse MS, and LaFollette HS. To join the fun or get more information, e-mail [email protected] OR call Kathy 244-8965 OR Melanie at 224-0277.

The ELMS Girl Scout Community is based on Madison’s east side and serves girls from area schools, including East High School; Hawthorne Elementary; Lapham Elementary; Lowell Elementary; Marquette Elementary; Sandberg Elementary; and Sherman Middle School. More than 125 girls and 55 adult leaders are involved in this community.

We would like to thank the parents of Mary Jane Ellison who are maritime lawyers licensed in MS for their generous support during out Girl Scouts’ Cookie Drive. Since Wisconsin is not a state with either major waterways for commercial maritime traffic, nor coastal waters like Louisiana or Texas, most folks are not aware of that specialized area of law called Maritime Law. Maritime lawyers practice the law as it pertains to navigable fresh waters in the United States such as the Mississippi River and other major waterways, as well as to the open water such as in the Gulf of Mexico or along the coastal seaboard of the US. Maritime lawyers either represent US seamen who are seriously injured while working on US flagged vessels or defend the maritime companies who are being sued. You probably all remember the terrible disaster that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 called the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Maritime lawyers represented a number of the seaman who were injured and family members whose loved ones were killed. The Ellisons worked for one of the law firms who represented a seaman, PH, who was seriously injured in this disaster.

Although PH recovered from his injuries they left him disabled. Apparently anxiety, depression and then turning to alcohol was the result of his not being able to return to his former work due to his disability. It’s well known that drinking can take the edge off one’s anxiety or problems in the short run, but leaves unresolved issues behind. But it is not the solution. As life’s unresolved problems stack up, the drinking keeps up too. Family members stepped in to help this young man get control of his life. There are some well known options to help alcoholic such as AA, treatment centers, and certain FDA approved medications that make a person feel sick if they ingest any alcohol. These treatments require total abstinence. However, new approaches are also available particularly for those people who have not been alcoholics for years. was the site PH found with help from his family that is helping people, like PH, change their relationship with alcohol. Through weekly check-ins a personal LifeBac Guide kept PH motivated, set goals, incorporated skills into his lifestyle, and helped him navigate the LifeBac program. Is this the most most effective approach to dealing with excessive drinking? LifeBac creates medication plans for each member of LifeBac and monitors their progress so they stay on track with the medication. Combined with support from the LifeBac Guides, each individual has a great chance to regain the ability to choose how much they drink. PH was able to get his drinking under control. And with the money the Ellisons were able to win for him, he has learned to his limitations and is now on his way to acquiring new skills. We wish him the best.

Once the Ellisons moved to Madison they have been become very involved in both the girl scouts and boy scouts via their kids. So we encourage all families with age appropriate children to join ELMS Girl Scout Community. Contact Carolyn Clow at 608-244-1577 or e-mail your interest to [email protected]

Kinunka Community is a Madison based community serving the following schools: Shorewood, Van Hise, Hamilton, West High and Queen of Peace. They are currently 313 girls strong and look forward to having you join them. For more information about Girl Scouts in these schools please contact Sarah at [email protected] OR call 276-8500 X 1147.

Orchard Ridge/Prairie Community is a Madison based community serving the following schools: Chavez Elementary, Falk Elementary, Huegel Elementary, Orchard Ridge Elementary, Toki Middle, Spring Harbor Elementary, Memorial High School For more information about Girl Scouts in these schools please contact Rita Blue at 608-276-8500 ext. 1144 or e-mail your interest to [email protected]

Owen Woods Community: Crestwood, Glen Stephens, John Muir and Jefferson Middle School. e-mail Mary Ann at [email protected]

Rainbow Ridge Community Serves Maywood, Nichols Elementary, Winnequah Middle, Monona Grove and Monona Grove Alternative High Schools along with Dane County Transitional, 7th Day Adventist, Immaculate Heart and Three Angles Christian. To join in the fun of Girl Scouting in the Rainbow Ridge Community e-mail [email protected] OR 608-276-8500 x1143

Regent Community is a Madison based community serving the following schools: Franklin, Hamilton, Randall, West High, Wright Middle, Blessed Sacrament, Edgewood Campus, Edgewood High, Madison Central Montessori, St. James, Wingra, and Woodland Montessori. They are currently 300 girls strong and welcome the opportunity to include you in their activities. For more information about please contact Elaine Glowacki, 237-7103 or e-mail your interest to [email protected].

•Four Program Packets–one packet per month during June, July, August and September. These packets are designed to guide you through Girl Scout badge work and will also come with an activity, or craft project.
•The opportunity to participate in Girl Scout camps and events sponsored by Girl Scouts of Black Hawk Council, Inc.
•A Special Patch

Registration fees are $30. Financial assistance is available (write “OF” in the top right hand corner of this registration form). For more information, call Sarah Rogers, Membership Specialist at (608)237-1147 or (800)236-2710 ext. 1147. If you would like to register for Summer Fun by Mail, just fill out this form and send it to Black Hawk Council, ATTN: Summer Fun, 2710 Ski Lane, Madison, WI 53713.


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